Cheap and Cheerful Craft Ideas to keep kids and adults going!

It’s always a heart-warming moment when your kids walk into the kitchen and give you that lovely hand-made card or a drawing of their favourite superhero. Now that most of us are at home and the kids are itching to get creative, we’ve dug around and found some crafts that are both meaningful and cheap to create.

You are my rock! Painting Rocks with inspiring designs

You can find our first craft idea completely free and probably only a short walk away from your house – in the park! We’re talking about painting rocks! They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you can be inspired by that and paint them to look like ladybugs or turn them into Garden Markers so you can jazz-up your outside space in an inexpensive way. With the current situation in mind, you could even paint messages of encouragement and kindness to place outside your homes and remind everyone that we are all in this together.

If you need a little design inspiration, Love on the Rocks UK on Facebook and Pinterest have all kinds of ideas to get you started:

Superheroes wear TP Rolls! Superhero armbands from an everyday item

At the moment, we’re seeing our everyday heroes like nurses and doctors, supermarket assistants and cleaners doing their part to keep us safe and supplied with what we need. Although, we must remember that we’re all superheroes by playing our role and staying home, so why not help the kids feel like it with this next craft? Keep those leftover toilet rolls and make superhero armbands out of them, decorate them with paint, stars and glitter to give them that magical touch. Be aware though – they’ll love being a superhero so much, you might find them using the bath towels as capes to complete their outfit.

Pinterest have come to your rescue with lots of ideas and how to design their superhero armbands:

Follow the Rainbow Trail! Paper Plate Rainbows

Whilst doing the chores at home, you’ve probably come across lots of things you forgot you had, and probably won’t need for a while. Things like paper plates from your last party can often go unused and sit in a cupboard, but you and the kids can get involved with the viral Rainbow Trail campaign by cutting some in half and painting them with all the colours of the rainbow. They make the perfect shape and you can even add details like cotton wool balls to make clouds at either end of your painted rainbow. It will look great in the window and it’s guaranteed to make your street look just that little bit brighter in these sometimes grey days.

Have a look at how this craft looks on Pinterest, amongst many other rainbow-themed ideas to get everyone feeling cheerier:

The Greatest Show in your Living Room! Make your own Puppet Theatre

Last but by no means least, we’re throwing it back to good old-fashioned entertainment with this next craft. When even the TV’s and tablets can’t keep the kids busy, what about making your own Puppet Theatre with the kids? It’s a bit more time consuming than our other crafts, but it’s worth the effort to see the kids play out their own stories. The main things you will need are paper and pens to draw or print out your puppets, ice-lolly sticks to make puppet handles and a cardboard box to make your mini-theatre. Dress it up in whatever colours and patterns you want, whether that be traditional red and gold accents or crazy patterns and textures. More importantly, this craft can be used by children to act out any anxieties or worries they have about the current situation in a way that they might not be able to just by talking to you, bringing you closer together as a family unit.

Grab some ideas for your theatre below:

If you don’t already have paint at home, don’t worry – TheWorks and Hobby Craft are still delivering so you can get all the colours you need, amongst any other craft supplies. Please do check their websites for any updates regarding delivery before you try to place an order :

We would love to see how your crafts turned out if you recreate any of our ideas. Send your photos to our Twitter @deptfordlanding so we can share them. Happy Crafting !