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Knowledge is power - and education is a key pillar of success. Deptford is lucky to have some of the best-rated schools in London, with many branded 'outstanding' by Ofsted. Looking beyond school? London is a great place to be a university student
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Albion Primary School

Just 1.5 miles from Deptford Landings, it’s a 7 minute drive to Albion Primary School. A mixed, non-religious primary school, with a capacity up to 480 pupils - the Outstanding Ofsted rating is more than impressive.
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Canary Wharf College, East Ferry

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted, this mixed, Christian primary school has a capacity for up to 280 pupils. At 2 miles away from Deptford Landings, it’s just an 18 minute drive to school in the morning.
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Cavendish School

Cavendish School is an Independent secondary school, just 1 mile from Deptford Landings. The maximum capacity is just 42 pupils, ensuring a superb teacher-student ratio, and granting the school the well-deserved Outstanding rating from Ofsted.
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Deptford Park Primary School

At just 0.3 miles away from Deptford Landings, Deptford Park Primary School is just a 5 minute walk away. An extremely popular school with a capacity of up to 630 pupils, this mixed non-religious primary school has earned a Good rating from Ofsted.
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Kings Kids Christian School

Kings Kids Christian School is a mixed Independent primary school, with a small capacity of just 60 pupils. Rated Good by Ofsted, it’s less than a mile’s walk from Deptford Landings.
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Marathon Science School

A boys-only non-religious Independent primary and secondary school, Marathon Science School is just 0.5 miles away from Deptford Landings. Granted Good status from Ofsted, this school focuses on curating young men’s minds with an interest in science.
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River House Montessori School

River House Montessori School is an Independent non-religious mixed secondary school with a capacity of 370 pupils. Nearly 3 miles from Deptford Landings, it’s up to a 30 minute drive in traffic to reach.
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South Quay College

South Quay College is an Outstanding non-religious mixed secondary school, just 2.5 miles away from Deptford Landings.