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Stuck for ideas on what to do in Deptford? We've done the legwork for you.

07 Feb 2022


Looking for somewhere special to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here is where to eat in Deptford, London.

26 Nov 2021

Lomond Coffee Deptford

Lomond Coffee in Deptford. Interviewing the owners about being a female led, sustainable business and how it started. South London coffee and breakfast.

22 Oct 2021

Wellbeing in Deptford

Yoga, reading and park walks are just some of the options in Deptford to take time for yourself. Improve your wellbeing in Deptford.

30 Sep 2021

The Albany theatre

Good news for The Albany Theatre's Heart n Soul as they receive £60,000 from the City of London Corporation’s charity funder.

25 Jul 2021

Things to do in Greenwich

Things to do in Greenwich. Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory, and bars and restaurants near Deptford.

18 Jul 2021

The Best Beer Gardens in Deptford

Looking for the best beer gardens in Deptford? Here’s the top outdoor drinking spots in SE8.

01 Jul 2021

Whether you are old or new to the area we have made the perfect guide for you to discover some of the best pubs and bars in Deptford, Zone 2, London.

30 May 2021

Living in Deptford

Find out what a day in the life in Deptford could look like for you. What living in Deptford has to offer.

24 May 2021

A guide to Deptford Food

On the 17th of May pubs and restaurants will open their doors to the public. A list of exceptional Deptford restaurants and cafes all within a short distance of Deptford Landings.

25 Apr 2021

Restaurants in Deptford

Restaurants you should visit in Deptford. A guide to the food scene in Deptford.

31 Mar 2021

Things to do in Deptford

Things to do in Deptford. Explore some of the food, art and green spots that Deptford has to offer.

04 Mar 2021

Best coffee in Deptford

A guide to the best places to grab a coffee in Deptford, for all of the coffee lovers in the area.

15 Dec 2020

The Victoria Pub Deptford

The Victoria pub in Deptford, serving great food and entertainment. What’s happening, new menus, and opening times.

30 Nov 2020

David Phillips talks about furniture trends

We spoke with Sam Collins, Sales Director at David Phillips, who kindly told us more about how their service works, bringing high-quality, beautiful furnishings straight to your new home. Read on to learn more about them.

09 Nov 2020

Water and your wellbeing | Deptford Landings

What it's like to live by the water in Deptford. The benefits of living by the water.

14 Oct 2020

Autumn in Deptford

We’ve put together a selection of the best places to experience Autumn in Deptford this year. Cosy comfort food, local walks, weekly markets and exciting events.

30 Sep 2020

Turn that spare room into your ideal space

How to use your spare room. Check out some ideas to turn your spare room into a space you love.

02 Jul 2020

The Thames path on our doorstep | Deptford Landings

Where the Thames meets Deptford. Check out the Thames on our doorstep.

24 May 2020

Simple ways to organise your home

We explore our favourite storage and DIY tips to organise your home.

04 May 2020

Missing your favourite dance class or museum visits?

Online activities and virtual tours that will keep you from missing out on your favourite dance class or museum visits. Activities you can do from home.

24 Apr 2020

The Best Vietnamese Takeaway Deptford

Discover the best Vietnamese takeaway Deptford, with three of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in SE London.

23 Apr 2020

Deptford Cinema | Online Streaming Service

Missing Deptford cinema? You don't have to with their online streaming service. Discover how to use this service and more.

23 Apr 2020

The Albany Deptford | About the Theatre

Find out more about the Albany, Deptford, when it first opened and when the Deptford Fund was set-up.

22 Apr 2020

Deptford History | A Tale of Two Rivers

Find out more about how Deptford got it's name and the tale of the two rivers - the River Ravensbourne and the Deptford Strand.

20 Apr 2020

London's Best Universities | Travel from Deptford

Find out the best universities in London and how to travel to them from Deptford Landings.

09 Apr 2020

Coffee Shops in Deptford

Deptford coffee lover? Find the best spots for a cup of takeaway coffee in South East London when a home brew just won't do.

06 Apr 2020

Brewery Tap Deptford | Deptford Brewery Launches Online Delivery

Missing your favourite beer? Brewery Tap Deptford have launched their online delivery service in South East London.

02 Apr 2020

Manze's Deptford | Traditional Pie & Mash

Looking for traditional pie and mash in South East London? Look no further than Manze's Deptford, family owned traditional pies.

30 Mar 2020

Which Zone is Deptford Bridge?

Ever wondered what zone Deptford Bridge is in? Our handy guide will explain all your travel options from South East London.

27 Mar 2020

In the presence of nature | Nearby green spaces

Green spaces nearby Deptford. Parks and playgrounds to get some exercise while living in the city.

22 Mar 2020

Deptford and the River Thames: Deptford Dockyard’s History

Discover the varied Deptford dockyard history and find out more about the history of this South East London area.

08 Mar 2020

Deptford Market Yard | Discover Deptford Market's History

Have you checked out the Deptford Market Yard yet? Read all about it and find out about Deptford Market's history.

07 Mar 2020

5 Activities For Under £5 In and Around Deptford | South East London

Explore the Deptford museum and discover the best activities for under a fiver in and around Deptford, South East London.

06 Mar 2020

Deptford Movies | Wes Anderson On Screen at Deptford Cinemas

Are you a Wes Anderson fan? Check out every Wes Anderson film playing at the Deptford Cinema.

06 Mar 2020

Best Deptford Music Spots | Explore The Deptford Music Scene

Explore the Deptford music scene and find the most popular events in the Deptford area, South East London.

05 Mar 2020

Explore the Deptford Area | Travel From Deptford Train Station

Travelling from Deptford train station? Find all the places you can visit by hopping on a train from the Deptford area.

01 Feb 2020

Things to do in Deptford | What's Happening in Deptford

Find things to do in Deptford this weekend. Discover what's happening in Deptford from markets, to pop-ups and local events.

01 Feb 2020

Best Brunch Deptford | Find Deptford Brunch Spots SE London

Find the best brunch Deptford for this weekend. Making brunch plans in Deptford? Read our favourite spots for breakfast and brunch.

26 Jan 2020

History of Deptford | Discover The History of SE London

Discover the history of Deptford, South East London. Find out more about the area and the history of Deptford through the years.

14 Jan 2020

Best Restaurants Deptford | Where To Eat in Deptford

Discover the best restaurants in Deptford. Don't know where to eat in Deptford? Read our guide to the most popular spots.

25 Dec 2019

Hidden Gems in Deptford | Places to Visit in SE London

Find hidden gems in Deptford to explore. Discover the best places to hang out in Deptford, South East London.