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New and Simple ways to help you get organised whilst at home

Organising your home can make it difficult to know where to start but with so many tips, tricks and hacks flying round, we’ve narrowed down some of our favourites that will get you started.

Storage Ideas from Stacey Soloman

If you follow Stacey Soloman’s Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of unbelievable (yet ingenious) ways she organises her kitchen spaces. One that stood out to us was her improvised hanging rail for crisps! As strange as it sounds, a small curtain rail and some clips could put you on the path to a tidier kitchen. This hanging rail doesn’t just have to be used to tidy your kitchen space, you could also use one to hang up your clean bath flannels in a cupboard so that they are kept nice and clean ready for use. It’s not required but you could even go in colour order (just ignore the concerned looks from others in the house whilst you’re doing it.) If you need more inspiration from Stacey, check out this article where she gives away some more of her organising hacks:

Making the most of your spaces!

If you’re lacking in cupboard space but need to get those last few items tidied away, we have a brilliant idea for you to utilise the space you have. Using shoe organisers that you can hang on the inside of your door makes for a perfect way to store things like cleaning products so that they are all in one place and keeps them hidden away from the little ones for peace of mind. Amazon sell these at reasonable prices, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to find one.

Recycle and Customise your empty tins

What do you get when you put your clean, empty tin cans and some fun patterned paper together? You get the ideal storage for your stationery! Recycle your larger tins to hold your pencils and pens, whilst your smaller tins could be used to hold your paper clips and pins. Craft websites have lots of card print outs that will make designing them a lot easier, or you can make your own designs to suit your room on plain card. These small and savvy crafts can make a huge impact on reducing waste and gets those creative juices flowing. 

Make your own Photo Albums

Ever get that annoying message that you don’t have any more space on your phone left? Make it disappear by making your camera roll into a physical photo album! Free Prints and Snapfish are great ways to do this so that you can free your phone memory up and now we all have some time to fix this niggling issue.  The albums look lovely when they are printed and delivered to you or they make perfect gifts to keep your extended family up to date on their growing grandchildren. As well as albums, these websites offer other beautiful products, such as mugs, cards, calendars and much more that can be personalised.