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DC on Demand: Deptford Cinema’s very own streaming service

Film lover? Or just watched everything you fancied on your everyday streaming services? Well, Deptford Cinema is continuing to entertain you throughout the coming months. 
And they’ve come up with more than one way to keep you entertained…

DC on demand

Deptford Cinema has put a number of independent films online for customers to rent from the comfort of their own homes. And the prices aren’t exuberant either. For as little as £2 you can watch critically acclaimed titles, be it comedy, drama or documentary – whatever your preference. You can access the library of films via the Deptford Cinema Vimeo page. And keep your eyes peeled there for more films over the coming weeks. 

The daily insta-quiz

A daily quiz for film buffs (or people who are simply bored) takes place every day, at some point between 8pm and 11pm, on the Deptford Cinema Instagram page - there are five questions, based around the theme of “film”. The winner of each quiz will secure two tickets for a film of their choice, to be redeemed once everything’s back to normal and the cinema reopens. 

The Deptford Cinema Podcast

Launching soon – the Deptford Cinema Podcast is coming to a platform near you! We don’t know exactly what the content is going to be like but - given the quality of the cinema’s other digital output – we’re sure it’s going to be exceptional. Keep up to date with everything going on at the cinema via their website