Coffee in Deptford

Where Deptford Coffee Lovers Can Still get Their Caffeine Fix

In line with the latest UK government guidelines following the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, coffee shops nationwide are the latest to be hit with the enforcement that their doors must close to the public for the foreseeable future. This comes after cinemas and pubs were first told to do the same. As a nation of decreasing tea-drinkers and rapidly increasing coffee-lovers, this has left some folk missingtheir morning cup of joe. But Deptford locals, worry not. While you may have just been cut off from one of the best selections of coffee in the country, those businesses need you just as much as you need them. Here’s a list of our favourites from whom you can still order coffee to be delivered.

Talk 'N' Coffee

While Talk ‘N’ Coffee – like everywhere else – has been forced to close its doors for the foreseeable future, they’re currently fulfilling orders online and shipping it out daily.  Their attention is dedicated to achieving the perfect roast so that you can enjoy a taste of the high street right from your bed. Their YouTube video gives a nice insight into their process too.

Lomond Coffee

Lomond Coffee’s takeaway bags go way back. They’ve been proudly selling their signature roasts by the bagful for a couple of years now.Sisters Hayley and Linzi are involved in every aspect of their coffee, from the roasting to the serving at their usual spot in Deptford Market Yard. But with nowhere to serve it fresh, they’ll be relying on your custom now more than ever. They’re working as hard as they can to get their website up and running but until then, you can get hold of their coffee either by emailing or on the online shop of fellow Deptford business Bread and Butler.

Bread and Butler

Which of course brings us swiftly on to Bread and Butler themselves. While their selection of coffee comes only from the aforementioned Lomond Coffee, they’ve lucked out in securing quite possibly the best third party supplier in town – after all, it’s hard enough to obtain from the roasters themselves owing to an in-progress website. The added joy with Bread and Butler, though, is that these folks are primarily a bakery. As such, they’re delivering not just hot drinks but beautiful fresh-made pastries too to residents within the SE8, SE13, SE14, SE10, SE4 and SE16 postcodes. So place an order, dig out the bread board and with a coffee in hand you’ll soon forget anything is – wait for it – a-rye…

Greenhouse Deptford

Greenhouse Deptford get their coffee from Achemy. No, we don’t mean they magic coffee from lead (although wouldn’t that be handy?). Rather, they’re proud partners of Alchemy Coffee, a London-based independent roastery who are praised for the fair approach they take when it comes to working with their farmers, often paying much higher rates than fair trade prices. Until recently, they were holding the fort at the shop with grab-bags of veg, coffee and takeaway food galore but have since had to respect government restrictions. While we’re sure you’ll be able to buy from them directly sooner or later, for now you can grab a bag of Alchemy Coffee at the roastery’s website.

Mughead Coffee

“Who are you calling Mughead?”, we hear you ask. And the answer is, well, these guys. While Mughead coffee have mysteriously changed their Instagram bio to a sparse yet hopeful ‘We’re coming back,’ they did just a few days beforehand put up a special link that allowed followers to place orders via their website which were then delivered the next day. So while the question still stands as to when they’ll be back, you can be sure that this is something they’re looking into. Don’t worry Mughead fans, all is not lost. Just make sure to keep checking their Instagram page to stay informed.